Publishing Program

If you are interested to see what games do we have in our catalogue already then please take a look at our published mobile games: Android Games, Android Applications, BlackBerry Games, BlackBerry Applications, Java Games, Java Applications, WindowsPhone Games, WindowsPhone Applications, Symbian Games, Symbian Applications.

For the content developer a single agreement with ZGroup Mobile gives immediate access to wireless operators and customers all over the world; in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Do you have a mobile content that you want to distribute? If yes then you are in the right place.

  • What mobile content are you interested in?

    Everything! Android games, BlackBerry games, Java games, WindowsPhone games, Symbian Games, MMS, logos, ringtones, truetones, polyphonic, greetings, videos. . . etc.

  • Can you tell me more about your Publishing program?

    ZGroup Mobile publishing program will allow you to partner with us and allow us to distribute your application for you worldwide. We don't ask for exclusivity. Our distribution points include wireless carriers, mobile operators, mobile professionals, large and important portals and mobile game aggregator. ZGroup Mobile has good contacts with almost all wireless carriers in Asia, Europe, Russia, Arab World, South and North Americas.

    ZGroup Mobile will help its partners by exposing their products to more customer. Thus help them get to wider market faster. We can also help you to localize your application to many different languages for FREE. So no need to worry about localizing your application to many different language, because we will do that for you!

    Our Publishing Program will enable you to focus your valuable resources on developing new and innovative applications and unique mobile content. We will handle selling, marketing, and distribution of your application to operators, portals around the world. Your application will get the same level of attention as our own applications.

  • Am I the first on to join the program?

    Actually no! For example: As for Mobile games we have signed deals with more thousands developers, and our catalogue include now more than 1.8 million games/apps in all categories. So what are you waiting for? Join us!

  • Where will you be publishing our products?

    That depends actually on your application(s)/Content, and whether the applications are already published by other aggregators. We will include your application in our catalogue which is updated monthly to partners worldwide.

  • Can you tell me more about the Process?

    You send us an email to [email protected] giving us details about your company and your products and asking to join our publisher program. If you had exclusive deals in specific areas then please include this also in your email. We will then review your products of wireless applications or multimedia content and rate it. Once we approve at least one of your products, we will send you our our Publisher Agreement. You can fill and sign both and email it back to us, and voila! Your application will be soon on worldwide markets!
    We require content organized in a certain folder structure that we will give to you. If you have your own standard then we can convert your content to our standard.
    The business model is revenue sharing. The shares are negotiable depending on the quality of content.
    We provide also localization of your content to multiple languages. The localization will be done by us. You just need to provide us with the original text. We can also use our mLocalization solution where we can localize the game but we need to have your approval in the contract we sign.

  • In Brief what can your Publishing Program provide me/us with?

    • 1- We will distribute your applications to all the channels that we have access to. Of course this will depend on the territory that you grant us for distribution. We prefer worldwide non-exclusive.
    • 2- Promote your product to partners around the world. This will draw much attention to your specific product, and help you establish your brand.
    • 3- Disclose some valuable information about market needs and hot products. This will assist you in developing new products or in improving your previous products.
    • 4- Bring new opportunities to you. Maybe your application isn't limited to what you are thinking of! Distribution outside of the Appstore is still generating good income!
    • 5- Provides you with technical support for new handsets, and emulators if necessary.
    • 6- Localization of your product to different languages. This will be done here in ZGroup Mobile as no charge for you.
    • 7- Reduce all of your costs
    • 8- Collect all the payment for you, and send them to you in one Cheque.
    • 9- Open opportunities of embedding your application or content with OEM (Original equipement manufactorer). Your games/apps or other content will be embedded with the device. This is always a great opportunity to generate income and establish a strong brand.

  • How do I Join?

    If you are interested to join our publishing program please email us: contact(at)zgroup-mobile(dot)com.