1. Overview

mMusic is a music store where users can browse/search/listen/share/download music directly to their mobile phones. The store is available as a mobile app and as a website. It integrates with different payment methods (USSD, credit cards, premium SMS). The pay-per-download module is replaced by a daily/weekly/monthly subscription module, where users can enjoy unlimited music for an affordable price. The mMusic can also be offered as a white-labeled product to MNOs, MVNOs, VAS and other interested distributors.

2. mMusic USPs

Q. Why are you creating a music store while there's already Google Music and iTunes?

The stores above lack the ability to be customized, modified or configured. They also offer only one model which is pay-per-download. Our store will overcome all of these challenges and will present a new payment methods, localization, better integration with RBT and new defined categories. It will also allow local artist to upload their music and monetize it quickly!

Q. How users can download or listen to music on your store?

  • Users have variety of options that we can pre-configure in the store. They can either use the pay-per-download model where they pay a small fee per song or they can subscribe on the store and get limited number of songs for their subscription over a period of time (for example 10 songs a week), or they can go on a flat subscription where they pay once and can access the whole store. The same options are also available for RBT as well.
  • The access can also be configured as download or stream only. These different models can be presented to the end-user at distinct price points.

Q. What else do you provide in your store?

  • Our store offer also a recommendation list that is based on what the user has already liked or rated of songs. This mechanism allows the user to discover new songs that they can listen to.
  • Our store helps users to share music songs and music lists together and recommend new songs to each others.

Q. What is the price of such store?

It's difficult to set a price without knowing the exact requirements. The price will depend on the number of songs included, their quality, the target country/countries and level of modification needed.

Q. What are the advantages of the flat subscription store?

Flat model Music store is offering something new in the industry (the offer allow the users to get access to thousands of music songs after paying something as low as $0.25 weekly). The flat could be used for streaming as well as for downloading. The user will enjoy unlimited access with a small payment. The store will be accessible from the web and mobile. The music store can also become a hub between local music producers and users. It can integrat with different payment methods: premium SMS, USSD payment, credit cards ..etc. The Music store has a local category that might be interesting/relevant only to people in one country. All mobile app will be automatically updated to the last version.

Q. Can I test the Music store live on my phone?

Please check a demo of the store here.

Q. What other customization you can provide?

    We can provide the following:
  • Localization: The store will be available in multiple languages including local languages.
  • Categories customization: we can customize what categories we have in our store depening on the new trends or what is locallly popular.
  • Payment model: Music could be available on per download basis or through subscription.
  • Payment Integration: We can integrate easily with Premium SMS, Creditcard, paypal. We also offer voucher cards.
  • RBT: Our songs are also available as RBT so users can not only download and listen but also set the song as an RBT.

Q. What do you need in order to integrate payments with the mobile network operator?

    Our store supports Premium SMS or USSD payments. In order to integrate the MNO payment with our store, we need to get the API for SMS gateway from the operator and understand:
  • How we will be notified when a user has subscribed.
  • Be able to reply to that user with a specific code (through SMS) that they have to enter within the application.
  • Get notifications when the user has cancelled their subscription.

Q. What about the payment methods that the store support already?

We support mainly SMS, USSD payment from operators. We also support creditcard, paypal and voucher cards.

Q. Tell me more about Voucher Card option?

  • The distributor can print voucher cards that will be distributed directly to users. When users scratch the cards and enter the number then they will either get a specific plan (with discounts) or fill their accounts with points that can be later used to purchase subscriptions.
  • Scratch cards offer a better way to collect money and in such case we don’t have to share income with the operator. Their only disadvantage is their availability vs the direct payment by sms by the operator.

Q. Can the store support more than one payment solution?

Sure it does. You can enable SMS and USSD on the operator (or multiple operators) plus voucher cards in city centers.

Q. How will the end-user subscribe?

  • The end-user will subscribe for a week/month (or other plans in the future like quarterly or yearly) by sending an sms to a premium number of by paying online. A confirmation will be returned to the user and then they will have access to the store. The store will charge the user automatically on each billing cycle unless the user cancelled their subscription.
  • The subscription can be for streaming or download or both of them.

Q. How frequent do you update the current songs?

We update them on weekly/monthly basis. It all depends on the size of the store and the income being generated.

Q. What genre of songs do you have?

All genres popular, pop, rock, R&B, Hip hop, rap, Jazz, dance, instrumental, traditions, top billboards, religious, local, blues, classical, country and more.

Q. So, can you localize mMusic store into our local language?

We can provide localized version of mMusic after translating the website and mobile app to the desired language. We already have it ready in English, Arabic and French. Other translation are possible and we can even translate to local spoken language so that the users will feel more at home when they are browsing the store.